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ARTtitude – Pixel Underground

Pour toutes celles et ceux qui ont regretté de ne pas pouvoir acheter les posters exposés dans la galerie de la #PGW …40 artistes, 120 posters, hardcover et seulement 666 exemplaires !5€ de remise pour toute précommande avant le 09 Décembre 2017.https://goo.gl/x9bD7A#joyeuxnoelfelix #artbook #collector #bequickorbedead

ARTtitude 发布于 2017年11月23日周四

Cristhian Hova 2017 


Pixel Underground is the latest work from the ARTtitude collection. It includes a selection of the best alternative posters devoted to the world of video games. Spread over 4 decades, you will find 120 posters, official, tribute or fan art, created by 40 international artists. These posters were created over the last 5 years, used in different books and exhibitions around the world. That they are tattoo artists, illustrators, painters, digital artists, street artists, all found themselves around this same passion that is the video game. They are grouped for the first time in an exclusive limited edition product.

OFFICIAL WEB: http://www.drawingisnotacrime.com/index.php/portfolio/items/pixel-underground/

Butcher Billy, Bad Ced, Matt Heath, Adam Mc Daniel, Marcos Cabrera, Simon Delart, Cranio Dsgn, Felix Tindall, T Bone & Al Jax, Andy Fairhust, Colin Morella, Ron Guyatt, Hugo Delart, Christian Nanniperi, Cristhian Hova, Geeky Ninja, Guile Sharp, Maviou Degoub, MNK Crew, Myriam Catrin, Aleskey Rico, Tom Ryan, Tsuchinoko, Simon Caruso, Arocena Orlando, Charly Tattoo, Dark Inker, Laurie Greasley, Christopher Skinner, Edward J. Moran II, Ryan Swannick, Simon Carpenter, Bruno Leyval, Bernie Jezowski, Ned Nedellec, Tanner Goldbeck, Matt Needle, Danny DalCampo, Davi Augusto.

Limited edition: 666 copies
Authors: Frederic Claquin
128 pages, softcover
Publisher: Plan9 Entertainment
ISBN: 979-10-93398-15-0
Release date: December 11, 2017
Public price: 30,00 €



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